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21st Century Motors Limited ensures all staff are trained on each system used, and all company policies. 

This is documented within a company system and updated when each training is completed. 

System training is completed either annually and/or when new updates are implemented.

1.1 Background to this Policy

21st Century Motors recognises the importance of having a skilled workforce in order to achieve strategic and operational plans and is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to effective performance and promotes training and development opportunities for all staff

1.2 Aim of this Policy

To provide a framework for training and development that ensures staff have necessary competencies to deliver on 21st Century Motors strategic and operational plans. 

1.3 Scope of this Policy

This policy relates to the Training and Development of all 21st Century Motors staff.

1.4 Policy Statements

1.4.1 There will be equality of opportunity for all 21st Century Motors staff to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities through a blend of learning methods including mentoring, coaching, and on the job learning.

1.4.2 The training needs of staff will be identified through Performance Management and Operational Planning in line with best practice and legislative guidelines. 

1.4.3 The Annual Training Plan, outlining planned inhouse training courses will be approved by the Operational Manager and communicated to all staff. 

1.4.4 All training, i.e. courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences will be co-ordinated through the Training Department.

1.4.5 All training will be evaluated to inform changes and improvements in training provision. 

1.4.6 The line manager will agree with staff member, how knowledge/skills learned will be shared to inform team/organisational learning.

1.4.7 The line manager will facilitate the staff member to transfer the knowledge/skills learned in training to the workplace.

1.4.8 Staff participating in training will satisfy all attendance, assessment and evaluation requirements within the required timeframes.