Is Contract Hire Right For Me?

When choosing whether leasing or purchasing outright is the best option for you, there are lots of different points to consider with advantages and disadvantages applying to both forms of getting you in your new vehicle. Below we have collated points from both mainstream options to help you choose what is right!

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Advantages to vehicle leasing -

•Road tax & breakdown cover is included on all lease contracts we offer 

•New vehicles are usually extremely reliable and the reliability of your new vehicle will be at it’s optimum 

•Leasing allows for you to understand exactly how much you will be paying per month for your vehicle 

•You will have no risk of depreciation as you never actually own the vehicle 

•You don’t have the hassle of selling your vehicle when your contract Is up, you simply hand the keys back to the finance company 

•Leasing is the most affordable finance method to obtaining a brand-new vehicle 

•Leasing allows for you to drive a new vehicle every few years, keeping up with the latest models, trends and technology 

•Due to how affordable vehicle leasing is, more than likely you will be able to obtain a better vehicle than you first thought 

•You can avoid the issues & expenses which ageing vehicles bought outright may present

Disadvantages to vehicle leasing - 

•You will never own the vehicle so when your contract is up, you hand the vehicle back with no way of selling the vehicle yourself 

•Throughout the contracted period, you need to watch closely for any damages which may occur as you can be penalised for these at the end of your contract if not rectified before hand 

•You are required to stay within your contracted mileage allowance otherwise this will incur excess mileage charges when the vehicle is returned 

•Once you are in your contract, if you wished to early terminate your contract, this can often be expensive 

•Leasing can be extremely difficult if your credit rating is poor

Advantages to purchasing outright -

•You have full ownership of the vehicle so you can sell it whenever you want 

•You can treat the vehicle however wish 

•You aren’t locked in to doing a certain amount of mileage, you can do as many as you wish

Disadvantages to purchasing outright -

•A large amount of money or deposit is usually required when purchasing outright 

•If you purchase a vehicle brand new, you will incur heavy depreciation losses within the first 2-3 years of ownership 

•Road tax & breakdown cover will need to be organised by yourself 

•When you wish to sell your vehicle, this can often be very time-consuming and be a long process

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