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Financial Promotions and Marketing

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Here we detail how we run our promotions and the policies we abide to.


21st Century Motors Limited market services in a fully transparent way showing the initial costs and the monthly costs. We always ensure the adverts are clear and precise.

Misleading Financial Promotions

21st Century Motors Limited do not advertise offers with misleading prices, such as but not limited to, low monthly rentals based on a high and undisclosed initial rental.

Misleading Stock Availability

21st Century Motors Limited will only advertise the correct stock levels at the time of the promotion going live.

Social Media

We use social media to promote offers of 21st Century Motors Limited. The offers relate to live and correct pricing of various contract lengths and initial rentals.

21st Century Motors Limited primarily focuses on no increased initial rental offers meaning the first rental is the same as the remaining months with no deposit to pay in addition.

Admin fees

21st Century Motors Limited clearly illustrate on every advert page that there is an admin fee payable.


Should you have a complaint about any promotions or adverts please feel free to submit your complaint via our complaints page.