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Car Lease frequently asked questions

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It sounds complicated! How easy is the process?

We have taken a call in the morning, and had the finance in place, car ordered, and finance documents in the hands of the customer within hours! Now... We are not saying every enquiry runs at that speed! We wish! But what we ARE saying is that we make the whole process as smooth and painless as possible!

Lets break it down for you... Once we have agreed on a specific vehicle, offer, delivery time etc:

  • We send you your online order process... Very easy to complete
  • When you have submitted your application back, we check your eligibility with the lender on that specific deal
  • Providing they approve your credit application, we proceed to the order stage
  • Once your vehicle is ordered, the only thing left to do is to complete the finance contract documents
  • We will require proof of ID at some point, however when all the above is complete and we have authority to release the vehicle...
  • Delivery is booked!

We keep in touch with you throughout the whole process, and if that isn't enough we give you access to your very own dedicated account manager! You will have direct contact number and email address for them too!

How does it work? What is "Contract Hire and Leasing"?

Rather than committing to the whole vehicle value, you simply commit to a period of time. Therefor it is called a lease rather than a purchase, and often a lot cheaper than buying a car on a traditional finance or purchase plan.

Why should I choose lease instead of purchase?

Well, do you like paying more for the same product? I didn’t think so. Lease is simple.

You commit to a specific vehicle, for a certain length of time, at a fixed and contracted price that does not change! 

You know EXACTLY how much it is going to cost before you even take delivery!


When purchasing a car, to calculate the total cost you rarely know the exact costs. It is natural for us to base the start off price at the lowest possible… and then you will probably predict the car is going to be worth thousands of £££’s more than it actually will be! Therefor you can never get an accurate total cost! Unless you are psychic!

So leasing really is a great way to budget and understand the total costs, first!

But I will never OWN the car!

OK, this is a point that confuses a lot of people…

With 21st Century Motors we often supply £25-30,000 cars for 2 years with a total cost of only £6-7000.

So if Bill (made up person!) leases with 21st Century Motors, within 2 years he has only spent £6-7000! But at the same time Ben (made up person!) has purchased the same car, and after 2 years he wants to sell and get a new car..

It is highly likely the £30,000 car in 2 years time, will only be worth £20,000... Therefor losing £10,000 in value! Not only that, Ben still has to actually find a buyer! It may be worth £20,000 to him but will someone pay this?

One month goes on, still no buyer for Ben... Two months... Three months... Now the car value has dropped to £19,000. He is starting to pull his hair out now and settles for the £17,000 offer the first of many 'tyre kickers' offered 3 months ago!

Whilst all this is going on, Bill has been back in touch with us at 21st Century Motors, he has agreed on another brand new super special! Not only that, 21st Century Motors arranged the collection of his current car on the same day as the new car delivery

  • Bill paid £3-4000 LESS for the same car, for the same 2 years! 
  • Bill had a dedicated account manager from 21st Century Motors 
  • Who looked after the whole process other than a few signatures from Bill! 
  • Bill is 3 months into his brand new car, loving it... 
  • Whilst Ben... Well, Ben is stressed! And now without a car as he just wanted the hassle to end

What does my lease agreement include?


What do YOU need to be prepared for?

Maintenance! - The customer is responsible for the general maintenance of the vehicle, whether or not you have taken a maintenance plan with your contract. This means you will need to ensure the vehicle is serviced and maintained to the manufacturers recommendation and also you keep the tyres in good condition, handing them back with 2mm tread.

INSURANCE! - The customer is responsible to make sure they have the vehicle insured fully comprehensively. This needs to be in place for the day of delivery with proof of insurance being provided

What options do YOU have?

Optional Extras - We are able to supply and fit ANY extra that is physically possible to be fitted!

Colour Choice - You will have the pick of the bunch! This means that providing the colour you want is available, we will absolutely supply this for you! We can usually only secure the car upon approval so CLICK HERE to start your application now.

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