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Conflicts Of Interest Policy

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21ST CENTURY MOTORS (21st Century Motors/the Company) You as an individual or your organisation: Client, Customer, you, your

This is referring to a decision that could affect the customers situation, by having an advantage for the company. Rather than a benefit to the customer and having a disadvantage to the company.

For example. Customer needs vehicle within 3 weeks. 

Dealer one, can offer delivery within 3 weeks and offer no financial gain to the company. 

However dealer two can offer delivery within 5 weeks and offer a £200 commission to the company. 

This would be deemed as a conflict of interest of which the decision would always be made in the customers favour.

Situations that may influence a conflict of interest include but not limited to:

  •  Higher commissions 
  • Friends within supplying dealer groups 
  • Customers who know each other that have different offers presented 

21st Century Motors can confirm that our services are solely customer focused and we do not accept benefits that would cause a detriment to the customers requirements. All incentives offered by suppliers are approved by the company Director to confirm there is no conflict of interest to the customer. Should there be any conflict of interest that has taken place the company confirms this will be declared to the client

The Company has audits to flag up any instances that may be cause for a conflict of interest. In this event, they are investigated along with any other anomalies.The Company’s staff are fully trained and aware of 21st Century Motors policies and will ensure that Customers’ interests are put first.